Sarah W. - Frisco

During 2012, I had back & leg pain. I started massage therapy & the therapist diagnosed it as sciatica. After several sessions the pain was not better. I asked my friend, Ron Baker, to recommend his doctor. Ron had previously had back surgery and I was amazed how quickly he recovered. Ron highly recommended Dr. Stephen Courtney after his successful surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Stephen Courtney at Plano Orthopedic Sports & Spine Center. After X-rays an MRI was done at Baylor Medical Center, Dr. Courtney reviewed the MRI images and diagnosed that I had bulging discs & spinal stenosis. Dr. Courtney recommended physical therapy (PT). After a week of P.T, the pain increased so an evaluation was taken & I was dismissed from P.T. Dr. Courtney reviewed my medical records and recommended surgery. Dr. Courtney performed a lumbar fusion surgery at Baylor Frisco Hospital.

The surgery was successful & I had no bleeding or nausea. The care I received from Dr. Courtney was outstanding & I would highly recommend him.

A few weeks ago I had an accident which caused me to injure my back. I knew there was only one doctor to contact and that was Dr. Stephen Courtney. He was excellent with treating me & my recovery time was unbelievable.

I consider Dr. Stephen Courtney as the best Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in the area.