When is it time to see a doctor about back pain?

When is it time to see a doctor about back pain?

If you are dealing with back pain and it’s preventing you from enjoying a full, active life, it is time to consult with a doctor to get to the root cause of your pain. For most people, overuse or strain causes some discomfort on occasion. Yet if you find yourself declining activities you once loved due to your pain level, contact us in Plano TX to get back into living.

Minor strain is quite common, yet these events should not be interfering with everyday life. If you are experiencing pain when walking, sitting, or simply lying down, we can help you find the cause and help create a treatment plan to stop your debilitating pain. If you feel sharp pain when moving or lifting objects, your pain is probably not from simple overuse. You want to ensure that you are using proper posture, and moreover, that you are not attempting to move heavy objects without correct body mechanics. Always lift by bending at the knee, not from the waist.

Other issues that can cause debilitating back pain include problems with the vertebral disks, such as bulging or herniation. This occurs when the cushion between the vertebrae is impinged and the soft material within each disk is pressing on nerves along the spinal column. In osteoporosis, the vertebrae of the spine can actually develop tiny fractures due to the thinning of your bones. Osteoarthritis potentially causes pain by leading to a condition called spinal stenosis, which is narrowing of the space around the spinal cord. Not all of these issues will cause severe pain, however they are often found in patients with this kind of situation. Any pain that interferes with living your life should be investigated by our office in Plano TX.

How do you know when it’s time to visit a doctor about your pain? If you experience pain that does not improve within a couple of weeks on its own, with self-care such as anti-inflammatory over the counter medications or rest, the cause of your pain should be investigated. If the pain is causing you issues with emptying your bladder or with moving the bowels, you need to be evaluated immediately. If your pain occurs with a fever, this is another sign that you should not wait any longer for treatment. Finally, if your pain originated with a fall or other back injury, do not delay seeking help, as this could lead to a more serious condition later. By discovering the cause quickly, you can help speed your recovery. Consequently, you will return to your life with full enjoyment before pain steals any more time.

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