How Can Young Athletes Prevent Back Injuries?

How Can Young Athletes Prevent Back Injuries?

Back injuries are a constant concern for all athletes. It’s especially important for the younger athletes out there to learn about how to prevent injuries early on. Intense and frequent athletic routines such as two-a-days can leave your back in a tough spot. It’s a lot easier to prevent problems than to deal with them after they have happened and gotten really bad. What can you do to lessen your risk of back injuries?

Dr. Stephen Courtney, a fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who is on the cutting edge of orthopedic and spinal health, has some pertinent advice for young athletes.

Rest And Recovery

A lot of injuries start out as pain in the lower back, with the pain often coming from turning and twisting the back. Any kind of sport can lead to this aggravation of the back joints. If you begin to experience back pain during sports, cease playing and start resting your back immediately. Pain can be a sign of an injury that is already there, or of an injury that is starting, so don’t continue if pain starts. Generally, you should give yourself 3-5 days to rest your back first. If the pain continues after several days, you may have a back injury that needs medical attention.

Medical Attention

If the pain continues after a rest period of several days, go to see your doctor. Your doctor will probably want to x-ray your back to check out what the problem may be. If an x-ray is not sufficient to determine injury, your doctor may want you to undergo a CAT scan or MRI, which will reveal the anatomy of your back – and any problems there – more clearly. If there is a problem, treatments can range from back braces to anti-inflammatory medication to physical therapy. Getting medical attention for your back pain early on can prevent worse aggravation of injuries.

Exercises to Help Prevent Back Injuries

Young athletes can help prevent injuries by being careful about what kind of exercises they do. Exercises such as dead-lifts and squats may be too strenuous for young backs. Switching these out for less back-straining exercises can help tremendously to prevent injuries from happening. Swimming, cycling, and yoga are all good substitutes for heavier exercises. These exercises will still give you the workouts you need while lowering the risk of strain, aggravation, and injury to your back.

Spinal Health is Paramount

Remember that preventing injuries to your back is far easier than dealing with injuries after they happen. Spinal health is paramount to having a good quality of life, so don’t neglect it.


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