The Truth About Dr. Courtney

The Truth About Dr. Courtney

Texas Medical Board Dismisses Meritless Claims Filed Against

Dr. Stephen Courtney of Plano

More than 20 claims were dismissed by the Board after years of harassment and personal loss to Dr. Courtney and his business

PLANO, TEXAS (August 2, 2018) – Finding them meritless, the Texas Medical Board (“TMB”) has dismissed 24 maliciously-filed complaints against Dr. Stephen Courtney, a spine surgeon in Plano.

The baseless complaints stem from greed, and the truth about them reads like an episode of Law & Order: Greed, burner phones, a former federal prosecutor, destroying evidence, code names like “inspector gadget,” impersonating FBI agents, and stolen confidential patient information from private medical files protected by federal law.  While it may mimic a plot from the popular television series, it’s the hellish reality for nationally recognized, orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Stephen Courtney of Plano.

“It’s been extremely difficult,” said Dr. Courtney. “Attacking me is one thing. Attacking my patients . . . I will not let that stand.  I share with my patients a sense of violation from the unauthorized intrusion into their records containing their most sensitive information.”

In 2016, Dr. Courtney discovered a former colleague reviewed information from 1,571 of Dr. Courtney’s patient files, compiling their names and/or other protected health information (“PHI”).  Once discovered, the former colleague left Plano Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center (“POSMC”), but the damage was done.

In a signed statement, the former colleague confirmed he gave the PHI to his lawyer.  That lawyer was Bill McMurrey, a former federal prosecutor and a criminal-defense lawyer.

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