Common injury facing active children today

Common injury facing active children today

It’s always important for kids to get out and exercise, participate in sports and stay in shape. There are many positives to being active as child but there can also be risks associated with that activity. There are many different underlying causes of pain in active children today, especially when kids participate in two a day practices, playing with their friends and long sports seasons. Injuries to active children can include spondylolisthesis, fractures or, more commonly, facet joint pain.

Facet joint pain is another name for back pain and it often results from overactivity in kids. This can be in the normal course of playing outside but it is also common among athletes in many sports including cheerleading, football and basketball. This condition can present like any other back pain or soreness but oftentimes, it will not decrease over time. Other injuries such as spondylolisthesis or fractures can present with back pain so it is important if the pain does not decrease over time that the child is taken to an orthopedic specialist.

Common injuries in active children, such as facet joint pain, can be treated first with rest, making sure to avoid any activity that might cause increased pain. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the doctor might refer your child to physical therapy to get them stronger, more flexible and to move better before gradually introducing your child back into sports. Other possible treatments may include facet joint injections or back bracing depending on the presentation of the child. One of the best things that active children can do is cross training. It is important not to specialize in just one sport or movement and vary their movements. Activities like cycling, swimming and hot yoga can be beneficial to stretch muscles, improve strength and improve movement quality.

The doctor will make sure that you understand what is happening with your child’s body, the anatomy and how he can prevent the problem going forward. Many times children are growing very quickly, participating in a lot of different sports with more than one practice in a day. With all of that going on, it is important to know what kinds of activities are going to put additional strain on the low back and how to prevent those issues from starting in the first place and addressing them in the future.

Make sure if you have a child who is active in sports and has pain that doesn’t seem to go away with rest, that you schedule a visit with Dr. Courtney so you can learn what is going on and address the issue before it becomes something serious.

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